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For [ profile] usagiko - Haine. || PG || Forgiveness Is A Cold Gun - They only deserved this much. For Haine's robbed childhood. For Lily's nightmares. And for the blood of everyone else whose names he no longer remembered. Haine/nameless scientist.

For [ profile] night_owl_9:

Noa Kaiba. || G || Just A Flicker On Your Screen - Once, he was a normal human child just like you and me. Now he is only that flicker across your computer screen.

Izaya. || G || I Am A Game You Play - He's there to play. And maybe be played. Izaya vs. the world.

L. || G || Perfect For Tearing Apart The Dark - He is a detective, but he could have been anything he wanted.
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And I do apologise for the grammar typos and inappropriately placed punctuation marks. I have no beta and no matter how hard I try, some of that just slips past my attention.

So. First things first. The request fics from last year are finally starting to come around.


Transient -- For [ profile] shireheart - Drrr!! Izaya/Namie. It's not an experiment and it's not romance, but it's something in-between.

Winterland -- For [ profile] crsg - Drrr!! Izaya/Shizuo. In winter.

Invisible flowers -- For [ profile] tekyfreakinator - Dogs. Heine-Lily kid!fic. Failed on the cute terribly.


I Still Hear Your Dying Words -- For the sake of writing at 2 AM - Shiki. Tooru/Natsuno. Because even the nigh-eternal have things to haunt them.


Haunting -- For [ profile] 10_whores - X. Subaru/Seishirou. It's paranoia. It's possession. It's haunting.

Finality -- For [ profile] 30_nights - FFVII. Kadaj/Yazoo. The long night after life.

Time Stand Still -- For [ profile] 500themes - Shiki. Tooru/Natsuno. Usually death is forever. Usually.

We Had It All -- For [ profile] 500themes - Shiki. Tooru/Natsuno. They had had it all. Almost. Fix'd the link finally. Man, I'm so lame.

aaaaaand there are some odd 20 more waiting to be typed up and posted, orz.


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