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4 [ profile] ruririi; because Tatsumi is kinda hot 8D


Tatsumi sighed and sorted through the pile of papers on his desk. It had to be there somewhere: the order for a pay rise. He knew they'd gotten additional funds, therefore it should have already arrived. So far, he hadn't had any luck in finding one.
"Tatsumi!" Watari's sing-song voice interrupted his effort, the man stepping into the room with a rap to the doorway only after he'd stepped inside. He was eager to demonstrate his most recent invention and figured that Tatsumi, as hardworking as he was, hadn't heard the first knock.
"Not now, Watari," Tatsumi growled, shooting a quick look in his general direction, then hastily turning his attention back to the mess on his desk. He spared a moment to push his glasses back up his nose – all the movement had made them slide down. "I'm busy."
"You always are," Watari's reply was quite airy. "But this is important! It can forever change your everyday life!"
Tatsumi spared another brief glance at the contraption in his friend's arms.
"I'm sure it is," he said dryly. "But firstly, I'm quite content with my life the way it is right now, thank you. And secondly – I really don't care."
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[ profile] exponible; you're terribly spoiled now. <3


It had been a while now since Nagare learned the reason of his son's death. Knew and regretted his own blindness of that time. And now he was finally facing the culprit, sharing a table with a pleasant doctor, enjoying a cup of tea and seemingly good conversations.
"Kurosaki," Muraki tested the word. "Sounds familiar."
"It should," Nagare replied coldly, setting the teacup aside.
Sombrely, Muraki nodded. "Such remarkable similarity."
He'd already known, Nagare noted bitterly. "You killed my son."
A glint of amusement in his eyes, Muraki nodded. "So?"
Nagare changed, transformed, and Muraki backed away – intrigued, yet worried.
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"Stop trembling!" Tatsumi snapped, adjusting his glasses. "Muraki can't get in here."
Tsuzuki shuddered, remembering the nightmares which had become more frequent recently. In them, the demonic doctor had appeared everywhere, from Tsuzuki's bedroom to library; to boss' office, even.
"You can't know that," he muttered low.
"We have excellent security. No one can get in here."
"No one has tried to before," Tsuzuki retorted, half-expecting the crazy murderer to actually attempt this.
"Don't be ridiculous!" Tatsumi sighed and sat down. He couldn't, though, entirely deny the possibility. Muraki, as he'd proved countless of times before, was unpredictable.
Tatsumi cursed.
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[ profile] nochick_fics; yes, other people do exist. ♥


Tsuzuki shrank back against the wall, gaze darting around the room in search of escape. There was none. The wall was hard and unyielding behind his back.
Muraki smiled, walking forward slowly – revelling in the situation and the look of unease on the face of his lovely prey. He leaned in, running the back of his hand along Tsuzuki's cheek and catching the hand that tried to slap him away. Muraki pinned it to the wall.
"You won't forget this night," he whispered hotly.
Tsuzuki tried to break free and fell, waking up in his bed. Another nightmare, he sighed.
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[ profile] exponible; no, I do not deny it.


When Seishirou looked up from the dead woman, he confirmed that the gaze he'd felt turned to himself was real. He straightened himself and turned towards the boy, smiling. He'd seen him murder someone, but he didn't run. Maybe he was still entranced by the madly blossoming sakura behind Seishirou.
"Hello," he greeted to boy, and for the first time the boy reacted, taking a step back.
"No," Hisoka whispered, eyes widening. "Don't!" His eyes widened when Seishirou reached for him and in the next moment Hisoka's mind exploded with terrible, intense memories which made him collapse in Seishirou's hands.
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[ profile] exponible; yes, this is madness.


Muraki tilted his head, watching the teen with great interest. He had seen him exorcise a few of his, Muraki's, victims with ease, and this was more than enough to catch his interest. They boy had not asked any questions, hadn't tried to find out the reasons, or the culprit. He'd just raised his hands, flashed an ofuda, and souls had been freed.
Muraki clicked his tongue thoughtfully. This couldn't go on. Sumeragi clan head was ruining his plans better than any shinigami could.
His existence had to cease. Muraki's mind raced, overflowing with ideas on how to do it.
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[ profile] exponible? And I still am.


"What do you mean – we're brothers?" Hijiri frowned. He could still remember his family, though vaguely. And even if this... boy looked very much like him, the things Hijiri knew about his own family denied such a possibility.
"My father and your mother," Hisoka repeated patiently, not quite thrilled with this piece of knowledge.
Hijiri raised his hand to silence him. "I get that part. There's just no way..."
"Really?" Hisoka's eyebrows shot up. He'd already accepted the fact and considered having a brother actually... nice.
"But my father..."
Hisoka sighed in exasperation, rubbing his temples. This was getting annoying.
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[ profile] exponible. I was being srs, y'know. :'D


Tsuzuki was somewhere between exploding in anger, spells flying everywhere; collapsing in pathetic sobs and self-pity; and outright fainting on the spot. The source of his distress was sitting at the far end of the table. Hisoka, frozen by Tsuzuki's side, looked potentially murderous, as did Tatsumi, sitting opposite the man who seemed quite amused by all of this. He smiled charmingly, all good manners and proper bearings.
"Why," in a flat voice Tsuzuki asked finally, "are you here?"
"He has become one of us now," Tatsumi stated with obvious distaste.
"No!" Tsuzuki groaned.
"Yes," Muraki confirmed and smiled brightly.


"We'll send him to some faraway province where nothing ever happens," Tatsumi tried to reassure both Tsuzuki and Hisoka. The deathly grip on the teacup he had was the only visible sign of agitation.
Hisoka was quietly fuming in a corner and everyone in the room could feel his suffocating anger.
"Pointless," Tsuzuki groaned, hands fisted in his hair and despair on his face and in his voice. "Things always happen when he's around."
"Why is he one of us now?" Tsuzuki asked brokenly. "Why?"
Somewhere in the building Muraki sneezed loudly and grinned, well-aware of who was mentioning him.
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[ profile] exponible? Ilu. Srsly.


It was two years later when Hijiri met Tsuzuki and Hisoka again, though not quite in the way they had hoped.
"You... You're..." Hisoka fell silent, suddenly feeling uncomfortable, and angry somehow.
Hijiri smiled in his usual conciliating manner and shrugged.
"It was a plane crash," Tsuzuki stated, as if it was an explanation to everything. "A paranormal one."
Hijiri nodded in approval. "So I decided to stick around until the true reason was discovered." He smiled then again, happy to see them so soon. "It's nice to see you again."
Hisoka could barely nod. Not that he wasn't happy...
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S-sorry for spamming you guys so much lately, but I'm going away for a hiatus of yet-undecided length. Hencewhy I'm going a bit post-crazy on you all. :<

So here's more spam.

Fandom: X/1999
Pairing: Kamui x Subaru
Rating: Somewhere between PG-13 and NC-17
Warning: not worksafe.
Summary: What we are right now sets a path for what we could be. Sometimes, these directions are interchangeable.

|| We Could Be ||

Fandom: BLEACH and Yami no Matsuei
Pairing: Szayel Aporro Granz x Muraki Kazutaka
Rating: PG-13+
Warning: not worksafe.
Summary: Those that you can't kill keep you eternally guessing.

A/N: Some of you might remember this, as I originally wrote it way back in 2008 Oh, god, has it really been that long? O=. It remained nameless until the first quarter of this year. I've fixed it up a bit, added a bit more to it, so check it out even if you read it back then. ♥

|| Ain't a-way ||
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Finally, after eons of waiting I bring to you Muraki/Seishirou.

I don't know what this is.
But it's not worksafe.

Unbreakable )
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[ profile] exponible; akesdfjkdf YOU KNOW WHAT aedskfjalkdjfdfj <3


"This is..." Hijiri started, but fell silent; short of words.

"Awkward?" suggested Hisoka in a very low voice, lifting his shoulders a little, as if trying to guard against something unexpected. Could Muraki be behind this, or...

Subaru said nothing, feeling a little bit dizzy from having to look at two mirror reflections simultaneously. Definitely not Seishirou's trick; he wouldn't do something tasteless like this.
Which left only one option: he wasn't dreaming.

"A restless soul," he said to Hisoka finally, drawing an ofuda. "I'll set you free."

Hijiri hastily stepped in. "No, he's... my guide. And we're... lost, apparently."
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[ profile] exponible; because, obviously. This fandom. :'D


He had to do a double-take to make sure that he wasn't seeing things. To make sure that it wasn't, in fact, his lovely masterpiece, but the boy's look passed right over him. No recognition.
Who, Muraki thought wildly. Who was he? A relative of his lovely doll?
Sharp silver gaze followed Hijiri across the street. Sakura was going to bloom soon. Moon was almost full. Another passionate night, another masterpiece, or maybe... Maybe a trap set by his lovely prey himself?
Whatever the case, he was going to have fun. One more time, under the light of blood-red petals.
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[ profile] ruririi & [ profile] exponible; because askdfkjaf NOT ENOUGH LOVE.


It was hard to keep focus, to stay in control, as much as he wanted to, but it was pushing his limits. He couldn't concentrate in the middle of all these sensations, could barely keep track of what his hands were doing, where his mouth was and where exactly Hijiri's hands were. Hisoka wanted to be in control of this; more than he had ever wanted anything. But before long he'd realised that it wasn't meant to happen. The sensations, the feelings; the entire situation was too much. Overwhelmed, he lost balance, and fell.
Hijiri was there to catch him.
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4 [ profile] ruririi; just because 8D


Just because it was the second time, didn't make it hurt less, or make him hate less, dread less; if anything – it was an insult to injury, and another injury on top.

Hisoka screamed, not like the first time under the sakura tree, but close enough. It had to express all the hate and loathing he'd accumulated over the years, but Muraki only laughed. The wires held his lovely masterpiece tightly and it was almost nostalgic, almost. There was no sakura this time. Just an old decrepit building. Rubble and dust.

He burned himself into Hisoka's soul all over again.
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4 [ profile] shireheart;


"Lelouch vi Britannia commands you-"

"Does he now?" Muraki chuckled.

"When did you..." Lelouch wanted to know just how the man had suddenly gotten behind him, but before he could say a word, he found himself pinned to the ground with this strange man's weight on top of him.

"I've been watching you for a while," Muraki whispered in his ear, and Lelouch could feel his breath travel down his neck and onto-- wait, since when were his shoulders bare? "You'll tell me in detail. Everything about that eye of yours."

Skilled fingers travelled down his spine and Lelouch shivered.
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4 [ profile] ruririi; ilu for requesting this~ <3


"A-are you sure we're not related?" Hijiri whispered in the dark, his breath hitched slightly. Hisoka was right next to him, hands under his shirt and lightly moving up his back, barely touching, trying his hardest to keep the distance lest he become overwhelmed with emotions.
"Don't care," he ground out and leaned in close to Hijiri's neck, breathing against his ear, still undecided about this.
The violinist was the first one to break the final distance between them. A brush of lips against the empath's shoulder and Hisoka was struck by emotions so wild it made his head spin.


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