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As Mokona would have said it, Syaoran was Syaoran. And yet he wasn't. He wasn't the one princess Sakura had travelled with, he wasn't the one who had protected her, helped her, gotten hurt because of her, for her. But he was a spitten image of the same Syaoran; the same mind, the same heart; he even felt the same – almost. But he wasn't. Couldn't be.
Syaoran understood this and tried to accept it no matter how hard it may be. He'd known what the result would be, he had been prepared for this, and now... It turned out to be a lot harder than he'd originally anticipated. Though his companions weren't at fault here; he recognised that. Syaoran had grown fond of them while being trapped in that glass case, forced to watch through his double's eyes, feel through his double's feelings.
Sakura was hesitant to accept him, as was expected. And even though Fai and Kurogane had outwardly accepted his, the small distance they'd reserved could still be felt. Sakura's was only the most noticeable because she had had feelings for that Syaoran, built up by time and hardships suffered through together. It was something that couldn't be replaced in an instant. She didn't trust him, couldn't. He'd been, after all, the one who had destroyed the Syaoran who'd been so dear to her.
And Syaoran, the real one, was ready to bear this cross no matter how long it took them before the last feather was found.


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