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I have this distinct feeling of having buried myself with a Thiefship fic which I submitted for a contest. It doesn't live up to my own standards of this pairing. |:
Oh, well. Life goes on.

Speaking of life...
I'm still without a job and with no money to pay for this month's rent. Screwed doesn't begin to cover it. Being a student sucks.

On the bright side of things, I have at least one good thing coming up. I don't remember if I mentioned it in summer, but there was a teaching job that I applied for and got to the point of getting an interview to test my skills - except that they never called me back. Well, they put in another ad just recently and this time they called me. And I'm in! The training is at the end of October though, so that puts a bit of a damper on things because I really need to figure out a way to get money before that, seeing how I'll have to pay for the ticket to and from the city where the training is held - 200 km away from where I life. They will provide a place to stay at, though, which is great.

But I'm still holding up! (Even though I've skipped two weeks of university, spending this time at home, sulking about being such a failure at life.) I'm trying to cheer up though. Really, really trying.

ETA: And then I found out that mom never handed in some paperwork for getting some of the tax money back. All she needed was one extra sheet for them to put on my file and she didn't do it because she thought she needed the number of my bank account - which she didn't, and which she never asked to certify. *head/wall* Goddamnit all.

Also, fic.

Fields Of Dust
Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
695 words
Because herbivores never matter, right?
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The second week of studying has come and gone with mixed moments of "wtf am I studying I feel so dumb" and "...but that's so easy, why don't you people understand this? :|" and I'm loving most of my professors.

Prof. Buls who teaches mathematical logic is hilarious. He likes to exaggerate and I am moving to the front of the class next lesson because this time I ended up in the back with my friends and they were distracting me with irrelevant stuff.

On the job front, things are still slow. I've had a few interviews, two of which were waitress-masquerading-as-escortgirl, one actual waitress position in a night bar, staff for a copy centre, and I have another meeting scheduled for tomorrow evening which, I suspect might be a yet another escort girl-seeking place. Nobody else seems to like students.

'kay, now I'm off to bed. Or actually, to settle in with a book on mathematical logic which is kinda-sorta-not-mandatory-except-when-it-is. Opening it made me rage incessantly because some idiot had pencil-marked the text, underlining lines and words and just aslkfhakjsdhfksad. BUY A BOOK AND DO WHAT THE SHIT EVER YOU WANT WITH IT. DON'T WRITE IN BOOKS YOU GET FROM THE LIBRARY, YOU FUCKING DIPSHITS.

'kay, I'm done. It's just... people who write in books and fold page corners make me angry.

...and on things that make me angry - I can't even fully describe how much I hate it when people, upon learning that I've studied Japanese, go "ching shau kua chong, yeah?" (or any other supposedly-Chinese sounding gibberish) and on my polite "No, that would be Chinese. I'm learning Japanese." respond with "Oh? So what is the difference between them, really?"
That makes me fume. Like, angry volcano fume. It's the same as asking what's the difference between English and French, or English and German. Or Italian and Spanish. Why is it that nobody ever asks the same question when they hear that somebody is learning, say, German? Why is it always this critically disbelievingly don't-really-wanna-know tone reserved for asking for a differences-breakdown between Chinese and Japanese. >:|
Next time somebody asks me this question, I plan to answer with a "stupid foreigner isn't that bright, huh?" in Japanese, delivered with a smile.

And now I'm off to settle down with a book and an eraser in an attempt to tackle math logic while cleaning the pages. 8D
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But for some reason all my will to type it up dies the moment I reach to type in "livejournal" in the address bar.
So to get me started (because it's a fact that I get rambly once I get talkin'), a meme which I got through getting tagged by [ profile] gantai. ♥

/meme )

I remember wanting to post about some depressing stuff, but I forgot all about that. I don't even remember what exactly was so depressing to make me write about it here in el-jay. Other than...
It's not like anything particularly interesting is going on, but still. Still.

Also, I think I feel like changing my icons. And I think this time I might replace a good deal of them, unlike last time when I stared at them for half an hour before deciding that all of them held too many dear memories and I simply couldn't get rid of any of them. No matter how badly made they are. I've acquired some standards, you see.

Also. YGO 5D's, I'd like to have a word with you. WHEN DID YOU BECOME SO AWESOME???? I look away for a moment, and BAM. Timeskip. Awesome designs. Crow. Holy fucking shit. Crow. Yuusei in a lab coat. Ruka is in really fucking cute clothes. And, and, and. KIRYUUUUU. ALKSDHFKJADKF WHY DO I SUDDENLY LIKE YOU SO MUCH WHEN I HATED YOUR GUTS AT THE MOMENT OF YOUR INITIAL INTRODUCTION AKSDHJFKADSHJFLAKSDHLFAS. D:

Oh, and here's some pimpin' too, for good measure.

Title: Ghost of a Rose Part I: O, faithful eternity!
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Pairing/Characters: Hannah, Sebastian, Ciel.
Word count: 4874
Warnings: Demonic shenanigans, some violence, a dash of angst, and a myriad of some minor disturbing notions in-between.
Summary: Kill me, she said. He didn't. Maybe it's a good thing he didn't, after all. Post-series.

|| THIS LINK HAS BEEN FIX'D. *fails sfm, orz* ||

Yes, I finally tackled multi-chapter fiction. And already this isn't the only one that's in progress. What is wrong with me? =/


Feb. 20th, 2011 12:32 am
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I've. Become a lurker now. This is because nothing generally interesting is happening in my life. Or, at least, nothing I'd deem worthy of jotting down here.

Cut because it turned out that I actually had a lot to say. )
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Did I mention that I got a haircut? Well, more like offing three inches of split ends. BUT STILL.

And I can already feel it: hmmm, what if I had it shorter still? Like, just another inch or two off? Just past my shoulders?

NO. Don't touch it. You spent the last seven years growing it back. AND IT NEVER BECAME AS LONG AS IT USED TO BE BEFORE YOU SNIPPED IT OFF TO YOUR CHIN. D8 Don't you dare lay a hand on it again. =/
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I have these... books that keep piling up and that I really want to read. Shit just keeps getting in-between. =/

Let's see now...
-> Haruki Murakami's Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World || I have a love/hate relationship with his writings. I mean, he gave me the idea of horny (no pardon the pun) rape-happy unicorns (YES, MY MIND TENDS TO BE A VERY SICK PLACE TO BE IN);

-> Hermann Hesse's Das Glasperlenspiel (sadly, not in German D:) || lent to me by my friend who (also griped that it wasn't in German) likes Hesse's writing, but hasn't read this book yet and every time she sits down to do so, remembers that I have it now (sorry for hogging it, Ayaaa~);

-> Rupert Thomson's The Book of Revelations || lent by my coworker because of its sick sexual content and the mindfuck factor;

-> Benjamin Lebert's Crazy || was on sale and I decided to give this young writer a chance;

-> Jeff Noon's Needle in the Groove || was on sale and I was drawn in by the description;

-> Nick McDonell's Twelve || also a sale item and I liked the summary;

-> Ryū Murakami's Almost Transparent Blue (not in Japanese, sadly D:) || bought it because it's a book by a Japanese writer, also the review on the book reminded me of Haruki Murakami's style, so;

-> Herbert W. Franke's Cyber City Süd (not in German, either D:) || I read the summary and instantly thought "Noa Kaiba!!!" How could I put it back down after that? :'D ;

-> Сергей Лукьяненко's Сумеречный Дозор (translation, and I think I know where SMeyer stole the cover idea from for her Twatlight series) || it was the cover of the book that took me and when I read the summary, I realised that I wanted to know what the big deal about the Night Watch tetralogy was;

-> Niccolò Ammaniti L'Ultimo Capodanno (not original Italian, I can't read Italian ;_;) || picked it up because of the disclaimer that went with this book: Not advised for underage, unbalanced, and vulnerable readers. My reaction to that was HOSHI--MUST.HAVE!;

-> Flavia Bujor's La Prophétie des Pierres (god forbid if it were in French D:) || no idea why I have this book; I think mom bought it way back when, when we were both going through the fantasy story phase, so it's at least four years old;

-> Akutagawa Ryūnosuke's story compilation || once again: a Japanese writer that's considered classic; how could I not pick it up?

-> and three cheap crappy romance novels also lent to me by my coworker who practically breathes this stuff. Two are Russian and they have some edgy side-plots involving murder and mystery, so that's not too bad. The third one is translated from English and supposedly has some great sex scenes that both my married coworkers were drooling over. Exscuse me for not being impressed, but I've written better than what this book has. |=
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tsuzuksan1 - slightly drunk
w00tzies - sarcastic asshole
Lightrobber - self-explanatory

[20:21:16] tsuzuksan1: r u going to rewrite arabics yesterday?
[20:21:27] w00tzies: :D
[20:21:30] Lightrobber: I already rewrote it tomorrow
[20:21:36] w00tzies: :D:D
[20:21:38] tsuzuksan1: u r an editor? that counts
[20:21:51] tsuzuksan1: what did u get?
[20:22:00] tsuzuksan1: what was it like?
[20:22:04] tsuzuksan1: the same test?
[20:22:11] w00tzies: (rofl)
[20:22:19] Lightrobber: No. It's different. You have no chance in passing it.
[20:22:20] tsuzuksan1: Roberts!
[20:22:29] tsuzuksan1: =((((
[20:22:31] tsuzuksan1: why?
[20:22:45] tsuzuksan1: what was that?
[20:22:48] Lightrobber: because I said so.
[20:22:59] tsuzuksan1: MEANY!
[20:23:06] Lightrobber: I know.
[20:23:11] tsuzuksan1: i am serious
[20:23:15] tsuzuksan1: what was that?
[20:23:35] tsuzuksan1: Roberts, u know smth about it?
[20:23:45] w00tzies: yeah
[20:23:46] w00tzies: for instance
[20:23:49] w00tzies: you can't read for shit
[20:23:58] Lightrobber: A+++
[20:24:08] w00tzies: xD
[20:24:20] tsuzuksan1: stop destroying my brains
[20:24:24] tsuzuksan1: just tell
[20:24:46] Lightrobber: We don't even have to try. You're doing it to yourself.
[20:25:16] tsuzuksan1: ????
[20:25:23] tsuzuksan1: ok
[20:25:34] tsuzuksan1: i will try anyway.
[20:26:24] tsuzuksan1: Robert can u tell me whats going to be there?
[20:28:39] tsuzuksan1: Hallooooo?
[20:28:51] tsuzuksan1: Laura?
[20:29:04] Lightrobber: brb, logging this shit in my lj
[20:29:11] w00tzies: :D
[20:29:18] tsuzuksan1: lj?
[20:29:30] Lightrobber: livejournal
[20:29:37] tsuzuksan1: aaaa
[20:29:58] tsuzuksan1: so what will be there?
[20:30:15] tsuzuksan1: i mean arabs
[20:30:21] tsuzuksan1: PLEASE!
[20:30:30] Lightrobber: not a friggin' clue
[20:30:54] tsuzuksan1: and if i will cry=)LOUD!
[20:31:02] Lightrobber: ask me about the test yesterday.
[20:31:46] w00tzies: (rofl)

The "I already rewrote it tomorrow" bit is a reference to a Chinese philosopher (the name escapes me at the moment) who said, "Tomorrow I'll go to X county, but I arrived there yesterday."
I don't think Vas got it even though he was the one who said it.
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Mom, I think it's time you admitted that you just can't take good pictures no matter what kind of camera you have.

So you've been tinkering around with the settings on the camera and you've figured them out. And even with all of that, good pictures are a rarity in the 1k batches of images that you come home with. I end up trashing half of them, sometimes even more, and putting half of the remaining ones for fixing with photoshop.
You just don't feel the composition. You pay no thought to horizon, depth, balance, scenery. You don't see the final image. You just snap a picture and think that it's going to do the trick. Sometimes you get lucky. But three good pictures in a thousand? Not really worth it, y'know.

I, on the other hand, while having not a darnedest clue about the settings, have five good images for every single one of yours. Just... Idk. You're average, mom. Everything you do, you're average.
Save for knitting. You make awesome sweaters. And you're good at sewing. But you hate doing that.
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I believe a "told you so" would be in order, had I not allowed you to burn yourself so that you could learn.

'cause I'm on a motherfucking boat.


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