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+ Translation.
The reason? Because I noticed how in the comments to this song one person gave a broken translation for it. Now, nothing sets my teeth on edge more than a broken translation. Therefore, I had to rectify this.

Also, what do you guys say - want me to make this into a weekly/bi-weekly sort of thing and share more Latvian music with you? Y/N?

So here goes an awesome song: Miljonārs -- Musiqq

Translated lyrics under cut. Enjoy~! )


Oct. 1st, 2009 12:38 am
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Meme stolinated from [ profile] theamazingfetus

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.
2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character/member from each item.
3) When someone guesses correctly, strikethrough the item and put the name of your favorite character next to it.

01. Final Fantasy VII
02. Yu-Gi-Oh! (CAN I HAVE, LIKE, FIVE ENTRIES FOR THIS ONE BECAUSE DAMN. IS IT HARD TO CHOOSE. =|)BAKURA FUCK YEAH. To quote a certain parody song: "Bakura is my OT3."
03. 5D's
04. Bleach
05. LOTR
06. Naruto
07. DOGS
08. Saiyuki A toss-up between Gojyo and Sanzo. I just couldn't decide back then and even now I can't.
09. Cinema Bizarre
10. D.Gray-man
11. Naruto
12. Brainstorm
13. X
14. His Dark Materials
15. Death Note L. Just. L. Especially after L change the world.
16. Yami no Matsuei Muraki. Obvious obsession is kinda obvious.
17. Code Geass

And this one stolen from a lot of people on my flist:

Sharing is Caring! for one week, recommend/share:
Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six : a quote
Day seven : whatever tickles your fancy

Leap of Faith -- Egypt Central // "I need to know if I can go / all the way down and back again. / I need to know if I can take another leap of faith today."

Erase and Replace -- Cinema Bizarre // "Do you erase and replace / what you're thinking? / Do you erase and replace / what you feel?"

Lass Mich Fallen -- Panik // "Ich lass mich einfach fallen. / Ich lass den Regen regnen / und mach heut einfach frei."

Bulletproof -- La Roux // "This time, baby, / I'll be, / bulletproof."

Sad Story -- Loveholic // "How should I know rain comes again? / Tell me why you're leaving me again. / Please, don't go, now and forever. / Come back to me."


Aug. 1st, 2008 05:13 pm
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And this song of theirs is so... so... sad. ;_;
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Number 1. Cinema Bizarre.
7 Songs: )

Sendspace link and Megaupload link.

Now you should have all 14 songs. In case if someone's missing something, drop a comment and I'll upload them for you.

Number 2. Icon batch #3

[#] Final Fantasy XIII Agito (10)
[#] Final Fantasy XIII (10)
[#] Final Fantasy Versus XIII (10)
[#] Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus (15)
[#] Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (5) [all Reno 'cause [ profile] tenchi_saz wanted so~ ♥]


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