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33 fics The number of fics written for no challenges or other reason than that they demanded to be written keeps increasing. Most of these are in the 1000 word range, more than half of them fall below 800. The older the fic, the longer it will be, not counting the multi-chapter ones.
Some of these are way old. Back when I was sixteen, I wrote like a terrible sucky fangirl and it shows in some of these fics. Mostly they're all Yu-Gi-Oh! and I've put warnings next to teh suck. If you visit my profile on and sort my fics by the publishing date, the bottom four are the oldest and the worst offenders. (Not counting the LOTR fic which is my oldest and only half-counting So close no matter how far, as I did a revamp on those.) From that point on I got better.

Sorted by fandom. Put under cut for convenience.

ETA: I'll be editing this entry into oblivion every five minutes.
ETA2: For the next few hours.

If I get up, I might fall back down again. )
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So recently, I got a reason to look back on all the fics I was supposed to write for several challenge communities. I choked. I fucking choked. Way back when, when I said I had a deathwish for this, I wasn't joking. 279 303 305 320 318, give or take a few. In fact... Only give. There is no taking in this.

Of this completed are: a measly number of 36 38 39 40 41 46 57 60 64 66 72 75 78.
243 241 240 264 263 262 264 279 274 263 260 256 277 268 265 240 still to be written.

So in my shock (and utter laziness to do anything productive) I offer you the master list of all that's been done and is in progress~ )


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