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Right now, somewhere out there somebody is laughing his/her/its little ass off in joy because [ profile] kuroshitsuji got slammed with the strikethrough for the second time in it's existence.

I applaud you, crazy anon, I do. But I would also like to point out that you misaimed greatly. Your target was elsewhere. The Princess is always in another castle.

...UNLESS, of course, you were aiming for the castle to begin with.
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Is going to be just what the title says.

"Hope to see more from you in the future."

Yes, yes, wonderful. And thank you. I really appreciate all the seldom reviews I get because I generally get nice people commenting on my fics. But how about instead of looking toward my future you check out my past? 'cause I have what? Nine? Ten? fics for this same pairing.
Oh, of course, you wouldn't notice because I don't exactly clutter my profile with pairings I write for (maybe I should, though? So people can actually wade through all my fic.). And my name isn't even a passing mention on WikiFic list under Revengeshipping/Warshipping (Oh, and Revengeshipping? Is so much better a name for Seto/Amelda. It's actually the first I found in use and used myself for all of a year before another fan came around to inform me that 'u wuz doin eet rong'. Thank you.)

And then I was reminded of why exactly I flounced this pairing, again. With added bonuses. Because 75% of the fandom write it in a manner that makes we want to strangle something. Preferably the author. I've seen precious few fics where they are written well. The depressing majority veers into a rather deconstructive area with the characterisation. And 5% of good characterisation seem to be in fics who are on an apparently permanent hiatus.
What triggered this was a piece of shit I read about one character tied down and blindfolded while four others kissed him and he had to guess who it was. And it contained an author's self-insert. And fuck you, author. Fuck you with a flagpole. [steals and twists a line from LittleKuriboh] Your fic wasn't cute or hot or anything like that. It was - and I don't use this word ever - sick. And retarded. If you happened in-universe, Dartz would have your fucking soul on his platter and he'd throw the card containing it in the fire, making sure even ashes weren't left and I hope it fucking hurts into the afterlife.

Reason I crawled back to Seto/Amelda after years of abandonment? I'm a sucker for hate/love relationship and this was my first actual ship for it. No, YBakura/Malik doesn't count. They're accomplices. And yeah, Sanzo/Gojyo, 6918, Seishirou/Subaru and anything else on my shiplist that fits the bill cannot fill in the gap. You never forget your first love, after all. Though I remember mine with hilarity and were so stupid, self; and I'm glad it never progressed. Wasn't even love in the first place, so. These boys have angst and a possible happy ending - a feat no other aforementioned pair has.

So yeah, I'm petty and still butthurt for not being on the WikiFic shippers list as a "known Revengeshipping/Warshipping" author even though I have 9 fics for them which, I believe, is practically the most any other shipper has written, unless I'm missing something. From where I stand, the majority of the mentioned writers don't have more than 2-3 fics. And I have nine. NINE. GODMOTHERFUCKINGDAMNIT. And it's not like you can miss my name. If you search for this pairing on and hit page two of three (56 fics in total) I'm practically dominating it on par with [ profile] dark_age_pearl who has the same number of fics I do and who used to be a good ship friend and valued otherwise, but we fell apart because of... I don't even know. She defriended me one day and that was that. I didn't even get a PM or a sideways comment/email/chatmessage. Yeah, whatever. Fuck you too. I AM STILL BUTTHURT ABOUT THAT TOO, YOU KNOW. YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND, FFS. I thought we had more in common than one pairing for you to just up and leave without even a hint. But whatever. Your choice. Moving on.
Hilarious part being that I'm at the top of the list for the Mai/Valon pairing which is apparently Conquestshipping with my back-then one fic. Reason why I continued to write for them was, I figured - well, why the fuck not? If I'm on the list, let's write something to have a reason to be all the way up there. Make the shippers proud, etc.
Man, at least I've got the Kadaj/Yazoo part covered. I'll have more than 150 fics for them once I'm done with the challenges and I see only one author who could possibly beat me on it. >_>

Yeah, I'm back to writing Seto/Amelda and it's a broken pairing for me now and will always be because it brings back some pretty bad associations with it. I can't fully enjoy it anymore, but I can't just up and drop it. I'm in a trainwreck and I'm in there willingly. Oh, and I'll keep being butthurt and hateful whenever I wade in too deep with this ship, but it's a price I'm prepared to pay.

So here's the tl;dr bottomline: I'm butthurt about shit in fandom. And I deal.

On a not-so-depressing note - I watched the Making of Kuroshit II. OMG, HANNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. ♥¬♥ sfuesffjgksaklasjdlkgfjdsakhfkjsa
The ending to it was a fucking trainwreck though. Giant mecha? A UFO? Porno? of the Hannah/Ciel variety? YES, PLZ. <3 Claude epically tapdancing. William/cherry trees. Mpreg. CAN SOMEBODY SHOOT SEBASTIAN, PLEASE? SHOOT HIM DEAD. No, wait, don't. Sebastian/Alois. FUCKING WRITE IT FANDOM OR I SWEAR I WILL-- Lol, Moon-to-Earth is my new OTP. Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Horatio Caine/black sunglasses. It's snowing outside right now.
...yup, trainwreck alright.

EDIT: Because I realised I didn't bring up Muraki, not even in an icon. I CANNOT HAVE A POST WITHOUT MURAKI. /DRAMA
...well. That's also taken care of. Moving on.
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Worst possible time to realise that you've completely lost a character's voice is when you've sat down to finally finish that one fic that's been on hold for two years. D8

And what gives this a twist of irony is that this character is practically a gender-reversed me.
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Did I mention that I got a haircut? Well, more like offing three inches of split ends. BUT STILL.

And I can already feel it: hmmm, what if I had it shorter still? Like, just another inch or two off? Just past my shoulders?

NO. Don't touch it. You spent the last seven years growing it back. AND IT NEVER BECAME AS LONG AS IT USED TO BE BEFORE YOU SNIPPED IT OFF TO YOUR CHIN. D8 Don't you dare lay a hand on it again. =/
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Ololol, some rich brat plagiarised Bleach. Kubo is disturbed. 8DD
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I expect hate!mail in my inbox.
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I believe a "told you so" would be in order, had I not allowed you to burn yourself so that you could learn.

'cause I'm on a motherfucking boat.


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