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Lenalee had always wanted to make something special for everyone. It was easy for her brother - a cup of coffee (or sometimes - tea) in the mug she'd bought for him as a gift. Kanda was... not unapproachable, but rather completely disinterested in anything else beside killing akuma. Lavi... she was still working on. So far, Allen had proven to be the only easy one.

And that's why one gloomy autumn evening found her down in the kitchen, sporting an apron, her hair pulled back and covered with a scarf, a dozen or so bowls laid out in front of her, and a wooden spoon firmly gripped in her hand, mixing ingredients under the watchful eye of none other than Howard Link. After all, he was the only one whom she could turn to for advice on how to bake cakes.
He also turned out to be a willing teacher.

He explained her the measurements and basic methods, helped her weigh the ingredients, and taught the order in which they were supposed to be mixed. He went over the importance of mixing clock-wise and anti-clockwise, stressing the ones who needed only one or the other, and would lose all look, taste, and form if mixed in the wrong way. He covered the basics on spices and their qualities, addressed the issue of sieves, and the basic process of preheating the oven. By the end of it all, Lenalee found her head to be spinning from all the information. She hadn't really thought that these kind of tiny details could have such a great impact on the outcome. Nevertheless she decided to try.

It took four tries for her to get everything right, performing all actions nigh-seamlessly and in correct order (until Howard generously deemed her acceptable); five - to determine the exact amount of time needed until the dough was thoroughly baked and properly risen, not under-baked or burnt (after Howard had put out the resulting fire twice); and three - to make a decent decoration (that didn't end up on the floor).
He was also the first to test-try the cake.

It took all of his willpower to keep his expression indifferent and a good four minutes to be done with the slice and his thought process to finally give out an evaluation. He managed it in a very succinct and constructive way.


Lenalee, though crestfallen, chose to not give up.

"Let's try once more."

At this point Howard Link was more willing to sign up for torture rather than one more Lenalee's attempt at baking.
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asdlfjksl, I realised there was a mistake that did bother me even as I wrote it, but it was too late for me to concentrate (and my sleepy brain decided that I fixed it by redoing the ending of the sentence... which wasn't an ending at all D:). So I fix'd it now. In a way. -_-"""


The boy they had been entrusted with (and this was a total lie – the kid had been shoved upon them), because they were, apparently, the only ones who could handle the 10-year-old with a vengeance on the entire world... Whoever had allowed him to get a katana would regret this, Mukuro thought, dodging around a tree and almost colliding with Hibari. Who, coincidentally, had about as much trouble keeping up with the kid as the illusionist.

"Just like you," Mukuro chuckled, swiping with his trident.

Tonfa shattered a branch in the totally wrong direction. "I'll kill you."

"Kaichū: Ichigen. Die."


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