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[ profile] daigranon; <33


"This is awkward," Urahara noted in regards to the fact that Yoruichi – the cat was curled up in his lap, purring while he scratched behind her ears.
"Hm? What is?" Yoruichi opened one eye to regard him.
"This." Urahara gestured vaguely at her position.
"Oh? Well, it's raining outside."
As if that explained everything. Urahara smiled sheepishly.
Yoruichi hissed and sat up with cat's grace and disinterest. "If you think this is awkward," and her whiskers twitched, "I'd like to hear your take on this." And along with her voice her body changed.
Urahara toppled backwards with an undignified cry.
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[ profile] daigranon; <3


They said that knowledge was power, Urahara sighed, frowning at the new dilemma of Aizen's growing power. He'd long since realised that just knowing was never enough. It was how you used that knowledge which gave power. The how and not why. The action, after all, was the determining obstacle.
And now he had to come up with a way to turn not knowing into a power that could rival Aizen's. An oxymoron, he noted, and that's what kept him guessing. He pulled his hat lower on his forehead and reached for the long-since-cold teacup. Stem floating upright. How lucky.
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S-sorry for spamming you guys so much lately, but I'm going away for a hiatus of yet-undecided length. Hencewhy I'm going a bit post-crazy on you all. :<

So here's more spam.

Fandom: X/1999
Pairing: Kamui x Subaru
Rating: Somewhere between PG-13 and NC-17
Warning: not worksafe.
Summary: What we are right now sets a path for what we could be. Sometimes, these directions are interchangeable.

|| We Could Be ||

Fandom: BLEACH and Yami no Matsuei
Pairing: Szayel Aporro Granz x Muraki Kazutaka
Rating: PG-13+
Warning: not worksafe.
Summary: Those that you can't kill keep you eternally guessing.

A/N: Some of you might remember this, as I originally wrote it way back in 2008 Oh, god, has it really been that long? O=. It remained nameless until the first quarter of this year. I've fixed it up a bit, added a bit more to it, so check it out even if you read it back then. ♥

|| Ain't a-way ||
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[ profile] daigranon, again. Your Shinji!fail.


"This sucks" was a very fitting way to describe his current situation, Shinji decided, sitting in a Chemistry lesson.

Enrolling into Karakura High had been a good plan.

In the beginning.

Until it had turned out that he had to actually attend his classes.

Ichigo, of course, wasn't thrilled to see him there. Shinji wasn't thrilled to be there, either. One of the many reasons was Hiyori; the other – this teacher.
Shinji made faces at him, promptly landing a detention. Was going to skip that, anyway.

Right now he only had one concern: how much damage before he got expelled?
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4 [ profile] nochick_fics; Your RenIchi. 8D


Ichigo groaned, writhing under Renji in a way he'd never imagined himself doing, but the redhead was quite relentless. Hot breath down his neck, one calloused hand holding him down, another – rubbing and stroking, and Ichigo couldn't put two thoughts together.
It didn't matter that Yoruichi might happen upon them any other minute because they were supposed to be training now; and for a terrible moment Rukia didn't matter either. Ichigo dared not glance at his unexpected ally; face flush with shame and need, because no man was supposed to touch him like this.
Didn't make it less real, though.
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Ololol, some rich brat plagiarised Bleach. Kubo is disturbed. 8DD
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Thanks, [ profile] theamazingfetus.
lololol, came up with a title. Totally not late or anything. *dies*
Implied porn? What is this implied porn that you're talking about? )
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Fiction. Muraki/Ryuuken. Posted as written, full of mistakes and odd grammar: try not to point and laugh.
Rating: G. I'm so awesome! Not.
Leave concrit and ♥~
Has a title since yr.2010. I've never failed with coming up with titles this hard. :|

Fikshun under teh cut~ )

Aaaaand that's all for now. I feel too tired to write some real pr0nz. (Hai thar 0:17 A-freaking-M.)


Jun. 6th, 2008 10:20 pm
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Brought to you by Lina-Who-Does-Not-Do-Crossovers.

Title: Cherry Blossoms
Fandoms: Bleach, X/1999
Characters/Pairings: Szayel Aporro Granz X Sakurazuka Seishirou
Rating: PG-13/NC-17
Warnings: Gore, violence, sex.
Summary: They are each others' victim, research subject and plaything.

|| "Do you know why the cherry blossoms are pink?" ||


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