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just a small town girl, living in a lonely world

she took the midnight train going anywhere

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I am a N-A-O: a metaphysical Non-Reductionist, an epistemological Absolutist, and a moral Objectivist. Also, a Procrastinator and would-be Writer.

Find my graphics at one_heart_less and fanfiction at riarai.

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5d's, 6918, akatsuki is a boyband, alois-trancy-is-a-reverse-trap, being mental, betrayal knows my name, break the fourth wall, code geass, d.gray-man, death note, demons on a strike, dogs: bullets and carnage, durarara!!, fate/stay-night, for the new gay, green-haired brats screwing rules, grimmjow has excellent hair, hakkai's school of driving, hakkai-can-drink-you-under-the-table, japanese language, katekyou hitman reborn, khr, kuroshitsuji, melvin vs florence, minus fucking wave, mother keeper, muraki, muraki the transfandom bicycle, naburo, night head genesis, noa kaiba, obsessing over stuff, omg a giant rock, pandora hearts, rust blaster, saiyuki, see my eyes bitch, she said it first, shiki, szayel's pants, that guy over there, tk vs hp, tokyo babylon, tsubasa chronicle, uraboku, why so british, writin thems names, yami bakura, yami malik, yami no matsuei, you gonna get makai-tenjou'd, youkai world reclamation, zangetsu says what
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