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For those who are sick and tired of being pranked all through April 1st, I give you something solid. (I'm not saying that links to Rick Rolling aren't solid - I like that song, actually *fails* -, but.)

|| What the eye can't see ||
Death Note
Light, mentions of L
469 words
G+ with some odd/weird/disturbing notions
There's somebody watching him from the dark. There's somebody out there who knows. There is no one.

|| One Thousand Promises ||
Gojyo, Sanzo
645 words
PG+ with some mention of gore
Maybe some promises were meant to be made to never be kept. Contemplation.

|| Angels walking among us ||
536 words
Angels are living among us and you wouldn't believe your eyes and ears if somebody told you, if somebody showed you. And you know... it's better that way. Contemplative.

|| For a moment we were ||
Darker than BLACK
Hei, Carmine/Havoc
441 word(s)
They never had it with fireworks and moments of stolen breath.

|| Nights will keep our secrets ||
Malik Ishtar, Kisara, Thief King Bakura
684 words
PG-13- with some sexual hints
In the darkness, they don't have to fear anything. In the darkness, they can simply... be.

|| Molten snow is only water ||
Seto Kaiba
780 words
Snow is beautiful because it is cold, but after it melts, it turns into colourless water.

|| Across the Sand ||
Thief King Bakura, Kisara
543 words
Across the desert sand they run and chase. Across the desert sand they live.
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Guys, please give us a hand in voting, as we're having a bunch of ties over at [ profile] vg_battle. It's the deciding turn, so pretty, pretty please? *bribes you forever*

OVER HERE, please~ ♥
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But for some reason all my will to type it up dies the moment I reach to type in "livejournal" in the address bar.
So to get me started (because it's a fact that I get rambly once I get talkin'), a meme which I got through getting tagged by [ profile] gantai. ♥

/meme )

I remember wanting to post about some depressing stuff, but I forgot all about that. I don't even remember what exactly was so depressing to make me write about it here in el-jay. Other than...
It's not like anything particularly interesting is going on, but still. Still.

Also, I think I feel like changing my icons. And I think this time I might replace a good deal of them, unlike last time when I stared at them for half an hour before deciding that all of them held too many dear memories and I simply couldn't get rid of any of them. No matter how badly made they are. I've acquired some standards, you see.

Also. YGO 5D's, I'd like to have a word with you. WHEN DID YOU BECOME SO AWESOME???? I look away for a moment, and BAM. Timeskip. Awesome designs. Crow. Holy fucking shit. Crow. Yuusei in a lab coat. Ruka is in really fucking cute clothes. And, and, and. KIRYUUUUU. ALKSDHFKJADKF WHY DO I SUDDENLY LIKE YOU SO MUCH WHEN I HATED YOUR GUTS AT THE MOMENT OF YOUR INITIAL INTRODUCTION AKSDHJFKADSHJFLAKSDHLFAS. D:

Oh, and here's some pimpin' too, for good measure.

Title: Ghost of a Rose Part I: O, faithful eternity!
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Pairing/Characters: Hannah, Sebastian, Ciel.
Word count: 4874
Warnings: Demonic shenanigans, some violence, a dash of angst, and a myriad of some minor disturbing notions in-between.
Summary: Kill me, she said. He didn't. Maybe it's a good thing he didn't, after all. Post-series.

|| THIS LINK HAS BEEN FIX'D. *fails sfm, orz* ||

Yes, I finally tackled multi-chapter fiction. And already this isn't the only one that's in progress. What is wrong with me? =/


Feb. 20th, 2011 12:32 am
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I've. Become a lurker now. This is because nothing generally interesting is happening in my life. Or, at least, nothing I'd deem worthy of jotting down here.

Cut because it turned out that I actually had a lot to say. )
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B.B. loves to dance in the dark
'cause when L's looking he falls apart.

This is what I used to often sing at work when I was still a travel agent, as I tried to find the cheapest and sanest option for a flight to a destination somewhere deep in Africa where practically no airline flies. Or Antananarivo.
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For [ profile] usagiko - Haine. || PG || Forgiveness Is A Cold Gun - They only deserved this much. For Haine's robbed childhood. For Lily's nightmares. And for the blood of everyone else whose names he no longer remembered. Haine/nameless scientist.

For [ profile] night_owl_9:

Noa Kaiba. || G || Just A Flicker On Your Screen - Once, he was a normal human child just like you and me. Now he is only that flicker across your computer screen.

Izaya. || G || I Am A Game You Play - He's there to play. And maybe be played. Izaya vs. the world.

L. || G || Perfect For Tearing Apart The Dark - He is a detective, but he could have been anything he wanted.
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Is going to be just what the title says.

"Hope to see more from you in the future."

Yes, yes, wonderful. And thank you. I really appreciate all the seldom reviews I get because I generally get nice people commenting on my fics. But how about instead of looking toward my future you check out my past? 'cause I have what? Nine? Ten? fics for this same pairing.
Oh, of course, you wouldn't notice because I don't exactly clutter my profile with pairings I write for (maybe I should, though? So people can actually wade through all my fic.). And my name isn't even a passing mention on WikiFic list under Revengeshipping/Warshipping (Oh, and Revengeshipping? Is so much better a name for Seto/Amelda. It's actually the first I found in use and used myself for all of a year before another fan came around to inform me that 'u wuz doin eet rong'. Thank you.)

And then I was reminded of why exactly I flounced this pairing, again. With added bonuses. Because 75% of the fandom write it in a manner that makes we want to strangle something. Preferably the author. I've seen precious few fics where they are written well. The depressing majority veers into a rather deconstructive area with the characterisation. And 5% of good characterisation seem to be in fics who are on an apparently permanent hiatus.
What triggered this was a piece of shit I read about one character tied down and blindfolded while four others kissed him and he had to guess who it was. And it contained an author's self-insert. And fuck you, author. Fuck you with a flagpole. [steals and twists a line from LittleKuriboh] Your fic wasn't cute or hot or anything like that. It was - and I don't use this word ever - sick. And retarded. If you happened in-universe, Dartz would have your fucking soul on his platter and he'd throw the card containing it in the fire, making sure even ashes weren't left and I hope it fucking hurts into the afterlife.

Reason I crawled back to Seto/Amelda after years of abandonment? I'm a sucker for hate/love relationship and this was my first actual ship for it. No, YBakura/Malik doesn't count. They're accomplices. And yeah, Sanzo/Gojyo, 6918, Seishirou/Subaru and anything else on my shiplist that fits the bill cannot fill in the gap. You never forget your first love, after all. Though I remember mine with hilarity and were so stupid, self; and I'm glad it never progressed. Wasn't even love in the first place, so. These boys have angst and a possible happy ending - a feat no other aforementioned pair has.

So yeah, I'm petty and still butthurt for not being on the WikiFic shippers list as a "known Revengeshipping/Warshipping" author even though I have 9 fics for them which, I believe, is practically the most any other shipper has written, unless I'm missing something. From where I stand, the majority of the mentioned writers don't have more than 2-3 fics. And I have nine. NINE. GODMOTHERFUCKINGDAMNIT. And it's not like you can miss my name. If you search for this pairing on and hit page two of three (56 fics in total) I'm practically dominating it on par with [ profile] dark_age_pearl who has the same number of fics I do and who used to be a good ship friend and valued otherwise, but we fell apart because of... I don't even know. She defriended me one day and that was that. I didn't even get a PM or a sideways comment/email/chatmessage. Yeah, whatever. Fuck you too. I AM STILL BUTTHURT ABOUT THAT TOO, YOU KNOW. YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND, FFS. I thought we had more in common than one pairing for you to just up and leave without even a hint. But whatever. Your choice. Moving on.
Hilarious part being that I'm at the top of the list for the Mai/Valon pairing which is apparently Conquestshipping with my back-then one fic. Reason why I continued to write for them was, I figured - well, why the fuck not? If I'm on the list, let's write something to have a reason to be all the way up there. Make the shippers proud, etc.
Man, at least I've got the Kadaj/Yazoo part covered. I'll have more than 150 fics for them once I'm done with the challenges and I see only one author who could possibly beat me on it. >_>

Yeah, I'm back to writing Seto/Amelda and it's a broken pairing for me now and will always be because it brings back some pretty bad associations with it. I can't fully enjoy it anymore, but I can't just up and drop it. I'm in a trainwreck and I'm in there willingly. Oh, and I'll keep being butthurt and hateful whenever I wade in too deep with this ship, but it's a price I'm prepared to pay.

So here's the tl;dr bottomline: I'm butthurt about shit in fandom. And I deal.

On a not-so-depressing note - I watched the Making of Kuroshit II. OMG, HANNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. ♥¬♥ sfuesffjgksaklasjdlkgfjdsakhfkjsa
The ending to it was a fucking trainwreck though. Giant mecha? A UFO? Porno? of the Hannah/Ciel variety? YES, PLZ. <3 Claude epically tapdancing. William/cherry trees. Mpreg. CAN SOMEBODY SHOOT SEBASTIAN, PLEASE? SHOOT HIM DEAD. No, wait, don't. Sebastian/Alois. FUCKING WRITE IT FANDOM OR I SWEAR I WILL-- Lol, Moon-to-Earth is my new OTP. Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Horatio Caine/black sunglasses. It's snowing outside right now.
...yup, trainwreck alright.

EDIT: Because I realised I didn't bring up Muraki, not even in an icon. I CANNOT HAVE A POST WITHOUT MURAKI. /DRAMA
...well. That's also taken care of. Moving on.
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Okay, dear Kuroshitsuji-knowing part of my flist. (And I think that's almost all of you.) I need some crits on this unfinished work of er, art. SPOILERS FOR SEASON II in case if there's someone who still hasn't seen the end of it.
I need to know how OOC I made Sebastian. This part is Hannah/Sebastian, but the tables are going to turn in the second part.

Word count: 2112
Rating: PG+

Ghost of a Rose )
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Whisperer - Because [ profile] smilypie knows that I want to. Claude/William. Glasses.

Cruelty Has Many Faces - [ profile] yamikakyuu; shower sex. SuzaLulu. And I'm sorry, but I think I fucked this one up royally.

Distracting - Because I promised [ profile] yumemiya to rectify the lack of Bruno/Yuusei porn.
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And I do apologise for the grammar typos and inappropriately placed punctuation marks. I have no beta and no matter how hard I try, some of that just slips past my attention.

So. First things first. The request fics from last year are finally starting to come around.


Transient -- For [ profile] shireheart - Drrr!! Izaya/Namie. It's not an experiment and it's not romance, but it's something in-between.

Winterland -- For [ profile] crsg - Drrr!! Izaya/Shizuo. In winter.

Invisible flowers -- For [ profile] tekyfreakinator - Dogs. Heine-Lily kid!fic. Failed on the cute terribly.


I Still Hear Your Dying Words -- For the sake of writing at 2 AM - Shiki. Tooru/Natsuno. Because even the nigh-eternal have things to haunt them.


Haunting -- For [ profile] 10_whores - X. Subaru/Seishirou. It's paranoia. It's possession. It's haunting.

Finality -- For [ profile] 30_nights - FFVII. Kadaj/Yazoo. The long night after life.

Time Stand Still -- For [ profile] 500themes - Shiki. Tooru/Natsuno. Usually death is forever. Usually.

We Had It All -- For [ profile] 500themes - Shiki. Tooru/Natsuno. They had had it all. Almost. Fix'd the link finally. Man, I'm so lame.

aaaaaand there are some odd 20 more waiting to be typed up and posted, orz.
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Oh, and feel free to mock me 'cause Mormons are trying to get me to join them.
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I was supposed to be sleeping right now, but I just spent three hours with this idea tossing around in my head. You can see what won. =/
But because I thought up this story while being half-asleep, it's missing roughly 1/10 of the epic dialogue I came up with. And then there was one Saiyuki foursome that kept mingling in-between. Oh well. There's always the next fic.
Also, no, [ profile] fetusforbrunch, this isn't written for your prompt. This idea has been tossing and turning in my head since the last fic I wrote for these two.


Pairing: Hannah/Sebastian
Rating: G
Summary: Hannah has an eye for details.

And a penchant for ruining things. )
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Let's celebrate the start of the new school year. \o/

Be an asshole. Request a lot of fic. Basic rules still apply: Request a fic of any pairing(s)/character(s) of your choosing from me. Provide a prompt word/phrase/lyrics if you can think of any. And if you can't, be random. Post a line from the song currently playing or a phrase you heard on TV, and if you got nothin', use that too.

The return of the pretty graph~

FF 7
YGO 5D's
Death Note
Code Geass
Tokyo Babylon
Vampire Knight
Fate/stay night
Pandora Hearts
Yami no Matsuei
Tsubasa Chronicle
Saiunkoku Monogatari (season I)
Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru
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Pairing: Hannah/Sebastian or something like that
Rating: G
Summary: In which Hannah teaches Sebastian a lesson.

Sort of. )
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Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously (if they'd like) about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.

all comments are screened; anon is on and ip logging is off.
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Would iconmakers from my f-list kindly join REBORN_BATTLE (if you haven't done so already)? Pretty please? We're rather missing participants there. ;~;
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[ profile] night_owl_9; anything with Bakura makes to top of my list. 8D


It had been a long time since he'd last felt fear, Yami thought, eyeing the pitch black shadows moving in the corners of his makeshift throne room. Inside his soulroom there was nothing he should fear. Or so he'd thought before realising that he, apparently, wasn't the only one there. At first he'd thought that the shadows were static things, created because of the lack of light. They'd been perfectly still, just filling the place like any ordinary shadow would. But then he'd noticed movement within them – only slight in the beginning – and soon found that treacherous darkness was crawling around his property.
They were strange alien creations of shadows. He'd taken notice of them only recently and at first considered their cause to be his steady movement towards regaining his memories. As if they sensed that soon would come the time for them to part and allow him to enter the currently forbidden rooms.
He wasn't so sure anymore.
"Bakura," Yami ground out, rising to his feet and glaring death at the bodiless creations. A low menacing laughter seemed to rise from the walls, seeping through the floors, reverberating throughout the construction and thickening the air.
"I'm waiting," the shadows whispered, echoing in mockery; a disembodied voice that seemed to come from within Yami. And unexpectedly the puzzle which had been his shelter and temple of peace for millennia seemed threatening, an unwelcome place. Dangerous. The mazes and passages disappeared into darkness, entire halls were bathed in it – treacherous-looking and menacing. It was slowly becoming a place where he didn't want to spend much time, if any at all.
Muttering a curse under his breath in his native tongue, Yami hastily left his room and, seeking solace, made to cross over into Yuugi's quarters. The empty room behind his back laughed maniacally, guiding his every step and gritting his teeth and clenching his fists were the only things to keep him from slamming the door behind his back. And as he moved away from his soulroom, he got the distinct feeling that it didn't want to see him returning.


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