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33 fics The number of fics written for no challenges or other reason than that they demanded to be written keeps increasing. Most of these are in the 1000 word range, more than half of them fall below 800. The older the fic, the longer it will be, not counting the multi-chapter ones.
Some of these are way old. Back when I was sixteen, I wrote like a terrible sucky fangirl and it shows in some of these fics. Mostly they're all Yu-Gi-Oh! and I've put warnings next to teh suck. If you visit my profile on and sort my fics by the publishing date, the bottom four are the oldest and the worst offenders. (Not counting the LOTR fic which is my oldest and only half-counting So close no matter how far, as I did a revamp on those.) From that point on I got better.

Sorted by fandom. Put under cut for convenience.

ETA: I'll be editing this entry into oblivion every five minutes.
ETA2: For the next few hours.


Cherry Blossoms // PG-13+ -- They are each others' victim, research subject and plaything. Gore, violence, sex. Bleach and X. Szayel Aporro Granz and Sakurazuka Seishirou. // This one has a horrible unedited version floating around eL-Jay. I could pull up the link if anyone's interested. :D

Unbreakable // PG-13+ -- Muraki/Seishirou

***In-progress: Muraki/Ryuuken (YnMatsuei/Bleach); Yazoo/Rider (FFVII:AC/Fate:Stay Night); Muraki/Yazoo (YnMatsuei/FFVII:AC).


Forfeit Everything // G+ -- Ishida Uryuu and Abarai Renji, and why they do the things they do. Set during their fight with Szayel.

FullMetal Alchemist

Letters // G -- Edward Elric is writing a letter to someone called Pearl. He obviously has quite a bit to say to all of the world. Letter format. // The last entirely humour fic I wrote. I just. Fail at humour.


Counterpart Counterfeit // PG -- Hannah teaches Sebastian a lesson.

Detailing // PG -- Hannah has an eye for details.

Lord of the Rings

Just Before the End Has Come // G+ -- The battle for Minas Tirith changed everyone's lives. And a small village is not an exception. A short look into the tragedy of war. // My very first fanfic. AU. OCs. Drama.


Not Avengeable // G -- They both are on an agenda. They both are avengers. Naruto-centric, mentions of Sasuke. // I should write some Sai/Sasuke porn. Totally.

Saiunkoku Monogatari

A Winter Night Story // G+ -- Many things can (and do) happen on the night after the Demon's Banquet. Shounen-ai. Ran Shuuei, Li Kouyuu. // Romance if you squint.

Doing the Job // G -- A quick remedy for a distracted emperor. Mild shounen-ai. Shi Ryuuki, Ran Shuuei. // Humorous romance if you will.


35 // G -- One Genjo Sanzo's musings on a certain subject. A companion fic of 53.

53 // G -- One Sha Gojyo's musings on a certain subject. A companion fic of 35.

Luscious // PG+ -- A monk and a kappa and their little secret. [drabble, Sanzo x Gojyo]

Petals // G -- Goku has a question, and Sanzo has the answer. [Pre-ikkou]

Rainy Days // G -- Because... because it's all different when it rains. [Sanzo-ikkou]

The End of the Sanzo Party // PG -- Certainly, they knew the possibility was there, but did they ever, really, truly, expect the end to be like this? [Sanzo-ikkou]


I Still Hear Your Dying Words // PG -- Because okiagari are nigh eternal and some things will always haunt them. [Tooru/Natsuno]

Tokyo Babylon

Rainy Nights // G -- Rainy nights are good for many things. [Subaru, Seishirou]

Sakura // G -- Another victim of a certain Sakurazukamori. [Seishirou-centric]

Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru

Honesty knows not my name // PG-13 -- He'd only promised to try, after all. [Hotsuma x Shuusei]


The Frog // G -- Strange conversations happen. Strange conversation partners also happen. Sad endings? Depends on how you view it. [Fuuma, ?]


Before the Time has Come to Leave You // PG-13 -- “And Bakura held on to this truth. Even if the reason was Marik, he will rather feel pain than feel at all.” [Yami no Bakura x Marik Ishtar] // Yaoi. Hinted Yaoi. A bit of gore. Abuse.

Blaze // PG+ -- Loss of control? Yes. Progress? Depends on how you view it. Shoujo-ai. [Anzu, Mai]

In the Shadows // PG-13+ -- Why things belonging to the Darkness should never be trusted. Gore, violence, abuse. [Yami Bakura x Yami Malik, x Yami Yugi]

Lose yourself // PG+ -- “...wrong or not wrong, she would take full advantage of what was being offered to her.” [Shoujo-ai, Mai X Anzu]

So Close No Matter How Far // PG -- A low, maliciously amused chuckle, because he knows. He always knows.” [Ryou-centric, implied Malik x Yami Bakura] // Second fanfic I ever wrote.

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue // G-PG+ -- Doma Bikers-centric. After they are separated, you'd think they could move on and start everything anew. Is that really that easy? [Amelda, Raphael, Varon] // Multichapter piece. Incomplete. Chapters 1-3 of five; (six?) I forget.

Wayward Sons // PG-13 -- How far would you go to break the man whose place you want to reclaim for your own? Incest. Dub-con. Yaoi. [Seto, Noa]

Weekend Psycho Style // PG+ -- Ever wondered how would a normal weekend look in a not so normal house? Well, I'll give you a glimpse of the wonders happening in there. [Yami Bakura x Malik Ishtar] // (Very first) Attempt at humour. Failed badly. Only readable for the bits of mild yaoi.

When Enemies Unite // PG-13+ -- When two supposed enemies somehow manage to come to an agreement, what will be the result, and why is there an OC involved? [Amelda x OC x Seto Kaiba] // Read it for the porn. Ignore the OC. She sucked back then. Terribly.

***Kaiba/Amelda (incomplete) fic arc. Can be read in whichever order, but the one given here would be chronological canon-wise.

Dark Designator // PG+/PG-13 -- “Seconds were silently ticking away, and his eyelids drooped every once in a while, but he fought to stay awake. He had to.” Implied rape.

Clipped Wings // G -- Not your typical warshipping piece. You have to squint like crazy and lean all the way to the left to see it. [Amelda, Seto Kaiba]

Half of Your Heart // PG -- So what do you get when you pick two people having only half of their hearts and attempt to piece them back together in one? // Three-piece.

--- Placeholder for a possible fic-

Meet Me In The Dark // PG+ -- “It was dark. Dark and windy as he made his way through the park. Time was nearing the midnight, but he didn't care. He was concentrated on his current goal; his every step accompanied by the silent rustle of autumn leaves.” [Amelda x Seto Kaiba] // PORN UNDER A BRIDGE. SRSLY. First revengeshipping fic I ever wrote, so it kinda fails at plot and motivation.

Shadows Of The Other Kind // PG -- Seto Kaiba has a shadow. So what? you'll ask. All of us do. Well, this one is different. Implied Yaoi.

--- Placeholder for a possible fic-

Rain on the Sidewalk // G -- Two people. And rain. Rain above all. [Amelda, Kaiba Seto]

--- Placeholder for a possible fic-

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Tag Two Times // PG-13 -- You can't go around saving the world all the time. Every now and then the life's simple pleasures take priority. Yaoi. [Crow, Yuusei] // Has a promised sequel or at least a companion fic in works.


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