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General YGO 5D's for [ profile] mission_insane

01. Themed Table 02. Themed Table 03. Un-Themed Table 04. Un-Themed Table
05. 'Inspired By' Table 06. 'Inspired By' Table 07. Genre Table 08. Genre Table
09. Pick Your Own Table 10. Pick Your Own Table 11. Pick Your Own Table 12. Pick Your Own Table
13. Pick Your Own Table 14. Pick Your Own Table 15. Pick Your Own Table 16. Pick Your Own Table
17. Pick Your Own Table 18. Pick Your Own Table 19. Pick Your Own Table 20. Pick Your Own Table

#1: Pictures

#2: Weather

01.Rain 02.Fog
03.Snow 04.Wind
05.Sun 06.Frost
07.Storm 08.Dew
09.Humid 10.Heat-Wave

#3: Un-themed table #1

01.Dust Bunnies 02.Wings
03.Carpet 04.Fireflies
05.Space 06.Cupboard
07.Maple Syrup 08.Sigh
09.Waiting 10.Prowl

#4: Un-themed table #5

01.Moon 02.Justice
03.Fall 04.Control
05.Night 06.Breathless
07.Bed 08.Winter
09.Return 10.Grieve

#5: "Inspired by" Movies

01.You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly 02.They Aim To Misbehave
03.Our Lady Of Blessed Acceleration Don’t Fail Us Now 04.The Third Man
05.It’s Been Emotional 06.Vertigo
07.Don’t Give away The Ending – It’s The Only One We Have 08.Let Me Take This Moment To Compliment You On Your Fashion Sense, Particularly Your Slippers
09.Near Dark 10.Arsenic And Old Lace

#6: "Inspired by" Novels/Short stories

01.Great Expectations 02.A Clockwork Orange
03.Neverwhere 04.Complicity
05.The Tell-Tale Heart 06.Brave New World
07.A Graveyard For Lunatics 08.Wicked
09.War And Peace 10.My Family And Other Animals

#7: Genre - Gen fic

01.Glass 02.Den
03.Spoken 04.Tale
05.Leaf 06.Dig
07.Keen 08.Building
09.Sky 10.Under

#8: Genre - Angst

01.Broken 02.Lost
03.Thinking Of You 04.Deprived
05.Regret 06.I Wish
07.If Only 08.Heartsick
09.Change 10.Miss You

#9: Crime

01.Trespass 02.Murder
03.Vandalism 04.Abduction
05.Smuggling 06.Treason
07.Theft 08.Fraud
09.Passion 10.Self-Defense

#10: Emotions

01.Happy 02.Sad
03.Joy 04.Vengeful
05.Hope 06.Compassion
07.Shy 08.Broody
09.Confused 10.Lonely

#11: Phrases

01.It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Loses An Eye 02.It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
03.Oops 04.Eureka!
05.Do You Want Fries With That? 06.Wild Horses Couldn’t Make Me…
07.Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 08.Don’t Dream It, Be It
09.Are You Insane? 10.I’ve Never Felt Like This Before

#12: Colours

01.Red 02.Blue
03.Yellow 04.Green
05.Orange 06.Purple
07.Black 08.White
09.Pink 10.Grey

#13: Songs

01.Supermassive Black Hole 02.You Give Love a Bad Name
03.Dancing In The Dark 04.Sit Down
05.Calling All Angels 06.One Way Or Another
07.Don’t Stop Me Now 08.Filthy And Gorgeous
09.Paint It Black 10.Breathe

#14: Master plots

01.Rescue 02.Escape
03.Revenge 04.Rivalry
05.Temptation 06.Sacrifice
07.Wretched Excess 08.Discovery
09.Ascension 10.Descension

#15: Poems

01.And Death Shall Have No Dominion 02.I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
03.Now Press Return 04.And Still I Rise
05.The Color Of Scarves 06.Ode to Duty
07.An Anatomy of the World 08.The Raven
09.Crow 10.If

#16: Hurt/Comfort

01.Pain 02.Sore
03.Sick 04.Broken
05.Fix Me 06.Distrust
07.Hold Me 08.Haunted
09.Forgive 10.Blanket

#17: Quotes

01.Always Forgive Your Enemies, Nothing Annoys Them So Much – Oscar Wilde 02.Fiction Is Obliged To Stick To Possibilities, Truth Isn’t – Mark Twain
03.Be Great In Act As You Have Been In Thought - Shakespeare 04.Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge - Einstein
05.We Are What We Repeatedly Do - Aristotle 06.However Beautiful The Strategy, You Should Occasionally Look At The Results – Winston Churchill
07.Everything Has It’s Beauty, But Not Everyone Sees It - Confucius 08.Be Careful When You Fight The Monsters, Lest You Become One - Nietzsche
09.When You Get To The End Of Your Rope, Tie A Knot And Hang On – Franklin Roosevelt 10.If You Cannot Get Rid Of The Family Skeleton, You May As Well Make It Dance – George Bernard Shaw

#18: Un-themed #7

01.Crime 02.Working
03.Pride 04.Sever
05.Tread 06.Know
07.Faith 08.Old
09.Scoop 10.Paper

#19: Un-themed #6

01.Taboo 02.Special
03.Want 04.Beast
05.Charisma 06.Desperate
07.Promise 08.Paranoia
09.Baggage 10.Unrequited

#20: Size Matters

01.Epic 02.Epic 03.Epic
04.Ficlet 05.Ficlet 06.Ficlet
07-09.Feathers to Thorns 10-12.Thorns to Stardust 13-15.Stardust to Inferno
16.Drabble 17.Drabble 18.Drabble
19.Drabble 20.Drabble 21.Drabble
22.Drabble 23.Drabble 24.Drabble
25.Drabble 26.Drabble27. Drabble
28.Drabble 29.Drabble 30.Drabble
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